Ensuring Your Pets Health

Veterinary surgery is performed on animals and while we are a general surgery clinic we perform mostly soft tissue procedures, some orthopedics (bones) and numerous neuterings.  Our small animal clinic offers mostly elective surgical procedures that are planned in advance.

Most complicated surgical procedures including advanced orthopedic work is referred out to our network of board certified surgeons. We are not a 24/7 emergency clinic and major trauma work is generally referred to a specialty practice that can offer the necessary care and an overnight watch.

Procedures that we commonly do are spays and castrations, dental surgeries-tumors and dental extractions, surgical oncology (tumors), ophthalmic surgery including enucleations (eyeball removal)-entropion surgery-eyelid tumor removal-cherry eye surgery, Caesarean sections, cystotomies (opening the bladder) and removing bladder stones, wound repair, lacerations, abscesses, and foreign body removal of the gastro-intestinal tract.

Our surgeon, Dr. Will Barrios, brings over 30 years of surgical experience to the table and is very accomplished in performing the love of his life. Operations can save animals' lives and this is what he does best.

This day and age advanced surgery with our pets can be outside the financial realm of many people. We take great pride at the Windsor Animal Clinic in trying to make necessary surgeries an affordable option for many.

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Pet Surgery at Windsor Animal Clinic