Fast, Accurate Results

Diagnosing has been described as halfway to curing the problem and good  laboratory medicine is crucial in getting quick and accurate results to accomplish this. We use predominately two nationwide services, Antech Diagnostics and IDEXX Laboratories. Antech offers more than 400 different tests. They also offer special profiles in chemistry, pathology, endocrinology, serology, hematology and microbiology. IDEXX has an equally impressive array of tests, some of which are innovative new tests that are provided by no other services.

We have the luxury of having pick-ups from both services twice daily and can get results same day. For quick evaluations we do some in-house testing for Feline Leukemia, F.I.V., Canine Heartworm and tick-borne diseases like Lyme Disease, and microscopic cytology.

Laboratory medicine is increasing in demand as our pets are aging. Many life changing health issues can get diagnosed earlier. As a result, we act sooner and intervene to help prolong and improve the quality of our pets' lives. This is what we strive to do everyday when we handle the medical care for your pets.

Laboratory at Windsor Animal Clinic