For the Care of Your Pet(s)

1. Call the office for an appointment. You can call us at (860)688-4969 or email us at to schedule an appointment or to have questions answered. If anyone is sick in your home or in an ongoing quarantine please reschedule.

2. Upon arriving in the parking lot call the clinic main number at (860)688-4969 and let us know that you have arrived. You MUST have a cell phone to communicate with the inside. If you do not have a cell phone with you, your animal can’t be seen. There are no exceptions.

3. Stay in your car, and one of our staff will come out to get your pet. You must wear a mask at this time.

4. For dogs we will exchange your leash with ours and for cats, please place their carrier outside your car. Also for cats, only the kitty in the carrier, no blankets or toys.

5. While your friend is inside Dr. Pennington will speak with you by phone and conduct the visit in that way, much like the Great Oz talking to Dorothy beyond the wall. The telemedicine line is (860)310-9580 and please pick up when your call comes through. It is used for outgoing calls during curbside care only. No one answers this line at other times and voicemails can’t be left on it. The main phone number for the clinic (860)688-4969 serves that purpose.

6. There will be a two way dialogue with a diagnosis and treatment plan discussed. If a procedure needs to be done or further testing, arrangements for a drop off and a pick up time may be made.

7. When finished we will run your charges, call you and take your credit card over the phone. At this time we do not accept cash, checks and please do not hand us your credit card.

8. Then we will reunite you with your pet with a receipt and any medicine you may need.

For Medications to be Picked Up

1. Call the office at (860)688-4969 and put in your drug order. You can either give us your credit card information then or do so when you arrive at the clinic.

2. Once we process the credit card, we will put the drug(s) or pet food out on our front porch. There is a tower stand in the corner where we will leave your medication and receipt in a plastic bag labeled for you to be picked up.

No Entry into the Clinic

1. Do not knock on our door and scream to come in or constantly ring our door bell. We are strict on enforcing the social distancing rules.

2. Bathroom facilities will be unavailable for the general public. Some people have left their pets with us, left and used the restroom facilities at the local McDonald’s nearby on Bloomfield Ave.